Friday, February 26, 2010

I have no words...

I wasn't even there to defend myself! I guess I better get used to them ganging up against me...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Splish Splash!!

I'm not sure


I think

somebody really likes bubbles in her bath!

Just hanging out....

One of Jillian's favorite things to do with her Daddy...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 months

Because I missed this on Jillian's website...I thought I would update everyone on our little munchkin! Jillian is all over the place. She is pulling up and cruising on the furniture. She is letting go and moving to different pieces of furniture. I have a funny feeling little miss will be walking soon! She finally said "Momma" (melt my heart)! And she has become such a happy little girl! It only took 10 months, but it finally happened... (unless you count when she's hungry or sleepy, but I can't hold that against her because I'm the same way!)

1st birthday party plans are in full blast...I've got it all in my head, just need to pick up a few more things. I'm so excited! I'm going to attempt to be crafty and bake all in the same week...should be interesting! Here's a sneak preview of her invitation...

Jillian is a complete Daddy's girl. She wants no one but Frank whenever he is around. I could be upset by it, but I think it's so sweet!

And little miss has a temper on her (wonder where she gets that!?!?) She has started throwing arched back, stiff temper tantrums. And anytime we we tell her "No!" she sticks out her lip and starts crying. Think she knows what it means??? But at least she stops doing whatever it is she's doing...eating dog food, playing in the water bowl, playing in the fireplace, pulling garbage out of the garbage can, etc.

Her favorite thing to do now when she sees us is give us what Frank calls the "cheese grin." She squints her eyes up and flashes us her two pearly whites. Too cute! On a side note...speaking of the two pearly whites...we sure do hope she has more than 2 teeth by the time she turns 1. She's had those teeth since she was around 5 months old, but nothing since! Oh well.

Her vocabulary is definitely increasing..."ki ca" kitty cat, "dada" daddy, "mama" mommy, "baba" bye bye, "hi" that one is pretty self explanatory, and the other day she said "hi da" when I told her to say "Hi Daddy!" And she's constantly babbling and yelling at us!

She is finally starting to eat a little more, too. Still nothing huge, but she wants to eat anything and everything that we are eating. She's a definite carb lover...anything bread, mac and cheese, pasta, and Daddy has introduced her to the world of french fries (not something that I am too happy about, but she loves them.) She still loves her yo-baby yogurt, green bean baby food (and real ones), turkey rice baby food, most fruits, and squash. And she will eat just about anything when we are sitting down to eat.

As you can tell, we are so proud of our little munchkin! We love her more than anything! We can't believe she's going to be 1 year old in a few weeks!! Time sure has flown by quickly! One more thing...we just got a video camera, so be prepared for videos of little bit doing what she does best...getting into everything!!!

New Blog

Ok...I've finally given in to the blogging world...mainly because Jillian's website subscription expired. I can't see spending money every month on a website when I can do the same thing here for free! goes my first attempt at blogging. Hope I can keep up with this better than I kept up with her website!