Pre-Blog Journal

9 months old and Christmas recap
January 03, 2010

I can't believe my little angel is 9 months old! Frank and I have had the pleasure of spending the past two weeks home with her. It's been great! She is into absolutely everything and is keeping us on our toes.

We've finally gotten pretty much settled into the house. Kinda surprising after only a month, but I was determined to make sure everything was perfect for Jillian's first Christmas.

Speaking of was wonderful! I can't explain how much better Christmas is when you have a child. It was so much fun and she didn't even have a clue what was going on. I can't wait until next year when she will understand even more! As you can see in the pictures...Jillian was totally spoiled! She has a whole cabinet of toys downstairs and playroom with a big ball pit and a block and mat set upstairs, and plenty more toys that are going to her Nana's house for during the week. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas so special for our little girl!

And back to 9 months...Jillian is still army crawling all over the place. She will move a few "steps" on her hands and knees, but then decides it's much easier to just do it the old way. She slithers all over this house. She also started pulling up on me right before Christmas. She gets so excited when she pulls herself up, she squeals. And today we caught her pulling herself up on the stairs! Guess we're going to have to buy those stair gates earlier than we thought! And best of all...Jillian has started sleeping between 11 & 13 hours a night!! She's only been doing it about a week...we're just hoping it stays this way. Frank and I have really enjoyed sleeping until 7 for the last week of our vacation. Too bad we can't do that all the time!

Unfortunately, Frank and I go back to work tomorrow and Jillian gets to stay with her Nana, Momo and Aunt KiKi. I'm not looking forward to not spending all my time with her, but I know she'll have fun no matter what.

8 months old!
December 07, 2009

I know it's been a while, but we've been busy. On top of our little munchkin growing quickly before our eyes, we've moved into a new house! We moved this past weekend and have almost completely unpacked. Just a few things here and there, then we'll be done. Now if I can just get my Christmas decorations up!

Speaking of holidays, Jillian got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving. We went to Mimi and Gramps' house and enjoyed a great meal and watched a movie. That night we came home and watched the Aggies. They didn't win, but they put up a good fight! Unfortunately, we were having so much fun we didn't get any pictures of that day, but that's ok!

What has Jillian been up to?? Within the past 3 weeks she has started army crawling everywhere! She is into everything! It is so much fun to watch her explore the new house. She thinks everything is so neat! Especially the door stoppers....

Within the past week, she has started sitting up on her own. We had to lower her bed when we moved into the new house so she won't be able to get out!

And most exciting of Jillian said her first word! "Dadadadada!" She loves to yell it at the top of her lungs. Of course I'm a little upset that her first word wasn't Mama, but I'll get over it. It's so cute to hear her say it!

We took her to get her picture with Santa tonight. We knew it wasn't going to be good when Jim Richard walked out in his elf costume and she started crying (not that I can blame her...Jim in an elf costume is pretty scary!) When we made it back to Santa, it wasn't any better. However, Jim worked his magic and you almost can't tell that she was crying in the picture!

We can't wait to spend Christmas with our little angel! She has quite the personality and will definitely enjoy the holidays! I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures...I know I haven't been very good about it lately!

6 months old!
October 07, 2009

I know it's been a long time since I updated, but this working and being a Mommy thing has kept me pretty busy! I'm going to start making monthly folders of Jillian's pictures and adding to it as the month goes by. I'm obviously not able to get weekly folders done!

Jillian turned 6 months old this past Saturday. She's getting so big! She is rolling all over the place and can get just about anywhere she wants to go. This weekend I put her in the middle of the floor and I came back a few minutes later to find her on the other side of the couch. I'm not sure how she got there so quickly, but we're in trouble when she starts crawling!

She has also gotten her first and second teeth! She got it about a week and a half ago and boy has it been rough. She does not like getting new teeth! About 2 weeks ago we started her on baby food. She was eating her cereal so well we decided it was time to try it. So far she likes green beans, sweet potatoes and squash. She does not like applesauce, sweet peas and carrots. We can't wait to try out more foods with her. It's so funny to watch her face when she gets something new.

Jillian has gotten her first and second cold in the past month. I think I must be bringing it home to her from work. She got it first, then gave it to me and her Daddy. Then we all got better. About a week later, Frank got sick again, then me, then Jillian. I think we're finally all getting better!

Tomorrow she's going to the doctor for her 6 month check up. I'll be sure to update her growth chart. I think she's going to be a little over 14 lbs. She's still so little. She's wearing a lot of her 3 month clothes still. Last weekend she wore the same onesie that I took her 1-4 month pictures in. It was kinda big on her then, but still...

This past month has been a whirlwind with our little munchkin! We can't wait to dress her up for Halloween. Stay tuned for pictures of all her Halloween outfits...especially her costume!

5 months old!
September 07, 2009

Our sweet little girl turned 5 months old this past Thursday. She's changing so much every day. We started feeding her rice cereal about 3 weeks ago. At first she didn't like it too much, but now she can't get enough! She gets her rice cereal every night before bed and then gets a bottle. She's also started eating so much better. There for a while we were concerned that she wasn't eating enough and she would fight the bottle so much, but not anymore! She's really started to like to eat. She still has days when she only takes 4-5 ounces every feeding, but for the most part she takes between 6-7 ounces and sometimes even 8 ounces.

She is rolling all over the place. We'll put her on her playgym on the floor to go take care of something and come back to find her under the entertainment center or trying to get under the coffee table. And we think pretty soon she'll be crawling. She's started pulling her legs up under her and trying to push off with them. Right now, they just kind of slide back down because she hasn't figured out how to get traction yet, but it won't be long!

And Frank and I have learned the hard way not to stray too far from her schedule at night. We tried it this past weekend on Saturday night and let's just say it wasn't pretty. We won't be doing that again for a very long time!

Jillian is really adjusting well to being at my Mom's house during the day. Once we pick her up between 3:30 and 4:30, she stays awake until we put her down at around 8. She's a little fussy in the evenings, but she really loves the evening walks we take as a family. Mommy on the other hand is exhausted!! I'm hoping it will get better so that I'm not struggling so much with working and coming home to take care of her. I sometimes feel like I don't have enough energy to enjoy my time with her.

I had every intention of making a 5 month folder for pictures and just adding to it throughout the month, but I took too many pictures these past 2 weeks to do that. I'm sorry I've been slacking a little with the picture updates. It's so hard to keep up with this when I'm working. Plus I feel like I'm not taking as many pictures. Oh well! I'll try to do better!

19 weeks
August 16, 2009

It's been an interesting week in our house. I started back to work, so Jillian has been going to my Mom's house during the day. It's been an adjustment for her to get in a routine at their house. I haven't been on full time this past week, so it's been a nice transition into getting used to being away from her. Jillian has done well too.

Evidentally being away from home is exhausting for her because she started sleeping 10 hours at night! We're so happy that she's gotten to where she can sleep so well in her crib. She's started training Frank and I on her new nighttime schedule. At around 8:15 or 8:30 she starts getting fussy, so that's our signal to get her in the bath and get her fed. It doesn't matter if she ate 2 hours ago or 4 hours ago, she'll suck down a bottle and be ready for bed after her bath. She used to need me to rock her before putting her in her bed, but now she throws a fit if I try to rock her. The first time this happened Frank and I thought she was hurt or sick she was crying so hard. We thought we were going to have to take her to the emergency room. Turns out, she just wants to be put in her bed so she can fall asleep on her own. I'm kinda sad that I don't get to rock her to sleep anymore, but whatever works to get her to go to sleep is fine with me!

Frank and I are so happy to have her in our lives. She is so fun to be around and we can't get enough of her. We love our happy girl!

4 months old!
August 03, 2009

My sweet baby girl is four months old today! She has really gotten to be such a happy baby. She loves to talk to us all the time. And just smiles and laughs whenever you talk to her. I'm so happy that she has finally gotten over the fussy/colicky time. That was a rough 3 months!

Jillian has officially been sleeping in her bed for about 3 weeks now. She goes to bed at around 10:00 and wakes up anytime from 6-7 in the morning. I'm pretty happy with the schedule, but I wish she would go to bed just a little earlier so that when I go back to work next week, I can get a little more sleep. Oh well...I'll take what I can get! We have even caught her sleeping on her stomach in the middle of the night that means she can roll both ways. She moves all over the bed, but still sleeps the entire night!

Jillian has also found her new favorite toy...her feet! She loves to play with them and is so close to getting them in her mouth. Of course, everything goes in her mouth, so I'm sure it won't be long!

Speaking of things in her mouth...we suspect it won't be long before she gets her first tooth. She has really started teething in the past few days. She drools uncontrollably, chews on everything and has been a little fussy. She's also started refusing to eat until we get some orajel on her gums. We can feel a good bump on her bottom gums.

Tomorrow she goes to the doctor for her 4 month check up and shots. I'm anxious to see how big she has gotten. I think she's going to be around 13 or 14 pounds. She's started to grow out of her 3 month clothes recently, so I know she's had a fairly large growth spurt. I'll be sure to update her growth chart when we get back from the doctor.

I'm starting to get very sad that I will be going back to work next week. I'm so happy that I have gotten 4 months to spend with Jillian, but I can't help but wish I had a little more time. I know I will miss her, but I'm also happy to get back to work. I really enjoy the adult interaction. Plus, Jillian will be staying with her Nana, Momo and Aunt Chrissy during the day, so I know she will get plenty of attention. Say a little prayer next Monday that we all adjust to the transition well.

15 weeks old!
July 17, 2009

Time sure is flying by! I can't believe it's been 15 weeks since Miss Priss graced us with her presence. And she definitely is a Miss Priss. Frank and I really have our work cut out for us when she gets older!

Jillian attended her first 4th of July party a couple weeks ago. We were hoping to let her swim for the first time, but it just didn't work out. We also celebrated Papa's birthday. We went out to eat and Jillian was great! Since then I've taken her to lunch again and she just chills in her car seat watching everything. I hope she stays like this for a while!

This week was a big week for me. Sunday night was Jillian's first night to sleep in her crib. It was VERY hard for me, but after 3 nights, she was sleeping like a pro! She sleeps for around 8 hours straight and even can put herself back to sleep if she wakes up in the middle of the night. It's still kinda hard on me, but luckily Frank got me a video monitor that we can hook up to the tv and I can watch her if I need to.

Jillian is also already learning how to work her Mommy and Daddy. She'll be in her swing going to town on her pacifier and cuddling with her blanket. The next thing you know, she's spit out the pacifier, thrown the blanket over the side of her swing and started fussing. As soon as Frank or I get up to give her the blanket and pacifier, she will flash us a HUGE grin and giggle a little. What a mess! It cracks Frank and I up every time. She is really starting to get frustrated that she can't do a whole lot. I think she wants to be moving around, but can't quite do it yet. That makes for some fussiness during the day. She wants her way all the time and is learning that she's not going to get it. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when she can talk back to me!

We love our little girlie so much! She cracks us up on a regular basis. We can't imagine how we ever got along without her. Only a couple more weeks until she's 4 months old!

3 months!
July 03, 2009

Jillian is 3 months old today! I can't believe how time is flying! She's really starting to get very active and loves to play. She grabbing at her toys and rattles and really starting to put things in her mouth. Frank and I suspect that she might be starting to teeth a little because she's drooling so much and she wants to put everything in her mouth.

She has completely mastered sucking both of her thumbs, but still sometimes gets frustrated with it. She's so squirmy and the thumb comes out when she wants it to stay in, so we still use the pacifier occasionally.

The biggest thing that happened this week is Jillian learned to roll over! Be sure to check out the video I posted of her rolling over on her picture page. I was so excited to see her do it! At first I thought it was just a fluke, but she kept doing it over and over again. Then we had to show Daddy when he came home. Luckily, he caught it on video. That same day, she really started holding her head up well, too. You can see it in the video.

Another great thing happened this past week. We took Jillian to an evening get together and she didn't scream and cry the whole time! I think we might be over the colicky phase!!! Frank and I are so excited that we can bring her places in the evening now and we won't feel like we're being a burden with having a screaming baby.

Most importantly, Frank and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl! She brings so much joy to our lives. We can't imagine life without her!

Poor sick baby...
June 20, 2009

Thursday night Jillian started having some pretty bad diarrhea. Then Friday morning she started vomiting, too. So I took her to the doctor and they put her on a pedialyte diet. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to keep that down either, so last night, after calling the doctor again, we had to make a trip to the emergency room. Poor thing was dehydrated, so they started IV fluids on her and admitted her. She was pumped full of fluids until about 3:00 pm today, when they released her. She's doing much better now and is able to hold down formula again. Thank goodness! The whole situation was very stressful for Frank and I, but we are so happy that our little girl is much better. I've updated pictures from the hospital stay in her 11 weeks pictures.

11 weeks
June 19, 2009

I can't believe my little girl is going to be 3 months old soon! I'm really enjoying getting to spend so much time with her. The past couple weeks we have gotten to try out what it's going to be like in the Fall when I go back to work. I had to work 5 days these past 2 weeks and she stayed with her Nana. My mom is going to watch her in the Fall, so I was glad to do a trial run. She didn't do to well the first two days, but by the third day she was great! She just doesn't like getting out of her routine. I can't imagine where she gets that from?!?!

She is really getting good at controlling her head. She loves to sit in her bumbo seat and watch tv or watch me shake her favorite rattle for her. She also loves it when I sing to her. She just smiles and squeals or coos.

Jillian is also staying up for longer periods of time during the day. She has become a little "cat napper." I'm not too thrilled with this, but at least she's sleeping. Plus that gives me more time to play with her.

On Tuesday, Jillian went to her first official playdate. She got to meet Brooks and Burkley Scott, Rosalie Carter, and Luke Crowder for the first time. She also got to see her two buddies Jacob and Justin McClellen. She spent most of the time in the swing at Aunt Marissa's, but she enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks for having us!

Today she seems to be sick for the first time. I had to take her into the doctor for vomitting and diarrhea. She has a stomach virus. You wouldn't know it by looking at her because she's just as happy as ever! Hopefully she gets over it soon. I don't like knowing that she's sick.

This weekend is Father's day. We will be celebrating on Friday and Saturday because Frank has to go out of town on Sunday. I feel so bad for him having to leave on his first Father's day. But we'll make him feel special anyway! He's such a good daddy!

2 months
June 03, 2009

I can't believe my little baby is two months old! We went to the doctor this morning and she got her two month vaccinations. Of course, I had to let Daddy stay in the room with her and I stepped out. She cried so hard after and now she's sleeping. Poor baby! But, she's gotten so big since the last time we went to the doctor! She's gained over 2 lbs.

Some exciting news in the past week or so...she has started sleeping through the night off and on! She seems to be better at it for me, but I'm sure Daddy will get the hang of it soon, too.

This past weekend Jillian attended her first graduation party. Congratulations Dr. Christopher! She also got to meet lots of family for the first time. She can't wait to see everyone again soon!

Week 6 & 7
May 25, 2009

I know it's been awhile since I updated. I'm sorry!! Jillian is really starting to develop a personality. She is soooo happy during the day! She loves to swing in her swing. I kind of feel guilty about putting her in there, but it's what she loves. She's really started to "talk" to us and loves to "sing" songs with me. She's also finally found her fist and can't stop sucking on it. She's been working on this for about a week now, but just figured out how to get it in her mouth this past weekend. She has no preference as to which fist...the closest one works!

Last weekend we took her out to her first restaurant. She slept through the entire meal. Here's hoping she likes every restaurant that much! She was definitely a fan of Texas Roadhouse, though.

This weekend was a busy weekend. On Friday Jillian enjoyed her first crawfish boil at the McClellen's. She hung out with baby Justin in the house most of the time, but she still had fun. On Saturday we went and visited Great Grandma Katie at her house. Jillian like looking at all her paintings and watching HGTV with her. Then we went to Nana and Papa's house for a quick snack before heading over to the Kenas'. She got to meet Rebecca and the Molina's (Melanie, Chris, Sydney, Avery and Hayley) for the first time. And she enjoyed seeing everyone else again. They hadn't seen her since the day she was born. She's changed quite a bit since then! On Sunday Daddy went and bought a new grill (early father's day present) and grilled hamburgers for us Nana, Papa, and Momo. And today Daddy is off so we're having a relaxing day. Thanks to everyone for letting us come and visit. Jillian loved hanging out with all of you!

Week 5
May 10, 2009

Jillian is still growing a lot! I'm anxious to take her back to the doctor to see exactly how much she weighs, but we still have a few weeks for that. This week has been pretty normal. We're trying to keep her in to prevent swine flu exposure. I know I'm a paranoid mother, but since she's colicky, I'd rather if she wasn't sick on top of it! But I did take her over to Cynthia's house on Tuesday to visit with Bria after Bria had surgery to remover her tonsils. Jillian had fun (slept) hanging out with Bria and I know Bria enjoyed taking care of Jillian. Beyond that, we really didn't go anywhere. I'm starting to get a little cabin fever, so I'm going to try and get out a little more this week.

Mother's Day was great. All the grandparents came over to spend time with Jillian. It was very weird for me to think that this day was for me this year, as well. But I was treated very well today. Jillian got me a very pretty Journey pendant to celebrate the beginning of our life together. I'm so lucky to be her mother and love her more than anything!

Week 4 (1 month old)
May 01, 2009

I can't believe that Jillian is already one month old! The time has really flown by. She has finally started to get on a schedule. She is sleeping fairly well at night. She will wake me up twice to eat, but goes right back to sleep. She sleeps a little restlessly after her last feeding, but overall we're really happy that she sleeps at night. The days are getting better. She usually skips naps after her morning feeding, so that's when we go on walks and do lots of playing. We've gotten into a bedtime routine, also. She gets her bath at around 6:00 or 7:00, right after she eats. Unfortunately, right after her bath is when she goes into her colicky phase. She'll scream and cry for about 2 hours unless we pull out the vacuum and turn it on. That thing is a lifesaver! I'm so glad we figured out that it calms her down. She'll go from blood-curdling screaming to perfectly calm almost instantaneously when we turn it on. Frank has ordered a cd of vacuum sounds so that we don't ruin our vacuum because I'm sure that it's not good for it to sit and run for hours on end. Hopefully that cd will come in soon!

Jillian has also grown out of her newborn clothes, but the 3 month clothes are still pretty big on her. I'm not sure how much she weighs now, but I'm sure it's approaching 9 lbs, if not more.

We took Jillian on her first shopping trip last weekend. She was great! She slept almost the entire time. She liked to stay moving, so she would get fussy whenever we stopped moving the stroller or were at a stop light. Unfortunately we won't be going out again for awhile. We're taking precautions because of the swine flu. I hate to be the paranoid mother, but I'd rather keep her safe!

Jillian has also started smiling and cooing. Too bad she never does it when Mommy has the camera out. We'll work on that for the future!

Week Three
April 24, 2009

Jillian has developed a little bit of colic. She has her good days and bad days. It's pretty exhausting to deal with the bad days, but overall it's not so bad.

We started taking walks this week and she really likes being outside. We try to go every day. The weather has been perfect!

It's hard to believe that next week she'll be one month old. Time sure is flying by! We love her so much!

Week Two
April 17, 2009

Jillian is doing great! And Mommy and Daddy are starting to adjust to the lack of sleep, too! Jillian enjoyed her first holiday, Easter. She visited with lots of family and friends and got lots of Easter goodies. We were so excited to share the holiday with her. We also took her for her two week check up today. She is growing right on track!

Jillian's First week
April 10, 2009

We have officially made it through one week. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride, but Jillian and I are starting to get the hang of it. Frank and I are enjoying every moment with her! She's becoming more and more alert and starting to focus on faces when you talk to her. She LOVES to sleep, just like her Mommy (thank goodness!) She's sleeping between four and five hours at a time during the night on most nights. It's been very helpful since Frank started his new job on Monday so I have night duty all by myself.

Thank you to everyone who has left messages for us! We can't wait for Jillian to meet you all!

She's here!
April 04, 2009

As of yesterday morning at 5:56, Jillian finally decided to grace us with her presence. I had a long, very hard labor, but Frank and I are so happy and in love with our new little girl! We're still in the hospital and hope to be released tonight. I'll update more when we get home.

40 1/2 week appointment
March 31, 2009

We went to the doctor again this morning. Jillian is still fairly high up for where she should be at this time, but I'm still scheduled to go in Wednesday night to begin the induction process. Dr. Griffis thinks she should be here by late Thursday or early Friday. It's nice to know for sure that the end is in sight! Other than that, they did an ultrasound to do some measurements to make sure that she isn't too big. She's looking like she will be around 8 lbs. Not too big, not too small.

Hopefully my next post will be after she arrives! Wish us luck!

due date and still nothing....
March 29, 2009's 9:30 on Jillian's due date and she still seems very comfortable where she is. I have another appointment Tuesday morning with Dr. Griffis, so we'll see how things are progressing then

39 1/2 weeks appointment
March 24, 2009

Unfortunately, I really don't have anything new to report. I'm still not dilated AT ALL!! Dr. Griffis has me scheduled for induction on April 2. She said I might need to come in on April 1 at night to start the process. Here's hoping I go into labor before then. I'm not too excited about the idea of being induced. On a good note, Jillian is at least engaged in the right position now. That's an improvement from last week. Dr. Griffis also thinks she's probably already at about 8 lbs. I'm scared to think how much more she will grow in another 10 days!

I did start having contraction every 20 minutes last night, but after an hour and a half, they stopped. I was definitely disappointed. Oh well...even thought I'm more than ready, I know she will be here before we know it!

38 1/2 week appointment
March 17, 2009

I had another doctor's appointment today. Unfortunately, I have made no progress. Evidently Jillian is very comfortable in here and is not looking to make an appearance any time soon. Dr. Griffis also did an ultrasound to see where Jillian is sitting and she is still kinda high up. It's still possible that she will come by my due date, but if she doesn't she will be coming on April 2. Please pray that she decides to make her appearance before then. I'm not sure how much longer I can handle this strict bed rest!

37 1/2 weeks
March 10, 2009

Today I had another doctor's appointment. It was my first one after the big hospital trip. Everything is still looking good, especially the fact that I now have ankles! I've lost a total of 7 lbs. of fluid from my feet. Crazy! Dr. Griffis checked me today for any progress. Unfortunately, I am not dilated at all. Oh's to waiting more on the couch!

Happy Bedrest To Me!
March 03, 2009

Today started out normal, minus the stress of it being a TAKS testing day at work. At around 10 am I noticed that I had a horrible headache and my vision was a little hazy. I went to the nurse's office and they took my blood pressure. After the second time, I was still having a hard time believing that it was 144/106, but I called my doctor anyway. They sent me straight to labor and delivery. After two hours of monitoring, I am now officially through with work and on strict bed rest. I can't say that I'm too happy about it. I'm a huge planner and this was definitely NOT what I had planned. But oh well...I could use a break. Plus, I would much rather for Jillian to stay put for as long as possible. Thank you to everyone at work who is helping me keep my classes in order so that they don't fall behind!

Family Shower and Doctor's Appt. at 35 1/2 weeks
February 25, 2009

The family baby shower was this weekend. Thank you so much to Jamie, Julie, Tracy, Cheryl, Chrissy, Aunt Lenore, Aunt Diane, and Aunt Kathy for all of their hard work. Jillian is so lucky to have so many people that love her already! Thank you, also, to everyone who came. I had a great time!

I had my 35 week doctor's appointment yesterday. So far, everything is still going well. I am swelling a lot and have to be on my back for 12 hours out of the day, but I'm still able to go to work. My doctor says that she thinks I should be able to make it to Spring Break. I'm VERY happy about that. Right now I'm the only pregnant woman at work that isn't on bed rest. I feel SO lucky!! I'm the next one due and I'm still hanging in there! Please keep praying that I can make it through the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Shower and Doctor's appt
February 03, 2009

I had my first baby shower this weekend. Cynthia, Hanna, Marissa, and Edith threw one for me! Jillian got some wonderful gifts. I can't wait to start using all the fun stuff with her. Thank you so much to everyone who came and a special thank you to Cynthia, Hanna, Marissa, and Edith for working so hard to make it great! I'll post pictures soon.

I also had a doctor's appt. today. Everything was normal, but my weight jumped a lot due to my water retention and swelling. So my doctor wants to see me every week now to monitor my blood pressure and urine. Hopefully everything stays normal so I can continue working for the next 5 1/2 weeks. Pray that I can make it that long!!

January 15, 2009

I had another doctor's appointment last week. They did my 1hour glucose test and I just got the results back today. Everything is normal and I don't have gestational diabetes! Other than that, I am swelling a lot and have to spend all day with my feet propped up at work. Doesn't make teaching too easy, but luckily my kids are "trained" enough to do what they need to without too much input from me. Even when I do sit with my feet up, I still come home to enormous legs, ankles and feet. I just hope it doesn't start happening anywhere else. Jillian has also started getting more comfortable under my ribs. I'm glad that she is comfortable, but it has the opposite effect on me!

3D Ultrasound
December 22, 2008

We had the 3D ultrasound today. Frank was happy to get a second confirmation that Jillian can still be Jillian and not Elliott. She was very stubborn throughout the ultrasound, though. We couldn't get her to move her hands from her face very much, but we still got some very good pictures.

My pregnancy is still going well, minus the major swelling I have in my feet at the end of the day if I have been up a lot. Dr. Griffis isn't concerned as long as I have normal vision and no headaches. Hopefully I don't develop any of those problems. My next appointment is January 6 and I'll take my 1 hour glucose test then.

We got Jillian's furniture for her room in on Friday. We plan on washing her bedding and putting it on the bed soon so we can get some pictures of how the room looks so far. It's starting to look really pretty!