Sunday, May 9, 2010

13 months

This little munchkin turned 13 months on Monday! She keeps Frank and I cracking up all the time and on our toes. So what has she been up to??

  • She's still wearing 9 month clothes. I actually think she's finally tall enough for the pants to actually fit her without us having to roll them up. I'm still putting her in some of her 12 month clothes because I'm scared that the weather will change before she grows into them and she won't get a chance to wear them!
  • She has got a major appetite now! She will eat anything if we are eating it too, but her favorites are macaroni and cheese (as evidenced was all in her hair and in her ear too,) yogurt, yogurt melts, freeze dried apples, cereal bars, anything with bread, green beans, squash, zucchini and turkey lunch meat. The girl can put away some food, but she doesn't seem to be gaining much weight. I guess she's burning it all off...
  • Speaking of burning it all off. As of Thursday, April 29, our little girl is finally doing this....

She has improved so much in the past week. She started off taking at most 5 steps in a row, but now she's just going anywhere and everywhere! We're so proud of her and she's pretty proud of herself too. She loves to chase after the animals...they aren't too excited about this new development, however. Such a big girl!
  • She's started giving us kisses. She's given Mason kisses for a while, but every time we'd ask her to give us kisses she's turn her head away. Now she thinks it's so much fun to give us kisses, too. We think it's pretty great, also...little slobbery, but great nonetheless!
  • She absolutely loves playing with other kids. We've decided she definitely needs a brother or sister...but an older one. Anyone want to donate one to us?? :) She thinks big kids are the greatest! We had Jacob, Justin and Blake over last weekend and she loved chasing after the older boys. Our best attempt at a group picture in the wagon (Jillian, Justin, Blake and Jacob pulling)
  • Her vocabulary is definitely increasing. She now says "bir" (bird, or anything outside, really,) "ca" (cat,) "ba" (ball,) "mama," "dada," "dah" (dog,) "ssss" (shhh,) "uhoh," "bye bye," "yes," and a few more but I'm drawing a blank. She's pretty much try to imitate anything we say if we say "Can you say ______?" We're definitely trying to be more cognizant of the things we say because we don't want her picking up some of the not so nice words that Mommy and Daddy say frequently.
  • We think she might be trying to transition herself to one nap a day. She's started taking very short naps during the week at my Mom's house and this weekend both days she only took one morning nap. She gets a little fussy around 3, but she gets her second wind and is happy until bedtime. I know most babies drop their morning nap, but we're going to go with the flow and see if we can slowly but surely push back the morning nap. If it doesn't go too well now, I'm not worried. I'll work on it over the Summer.
We are so proud of our little munchkin! She brings us more joy than we could possibly have ever imagined. We love watching all the new things she is learning and spending time with her more than anything else! I can't wait to spend the whole Summer with her (only 4 more weeks!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010