Thursday, July 22, 2010


She is obsessed with shoes! We won't even talk about the tantrum that ensued after she tried to walk with them on & discovered they wouldn't stay on. I don't think Daddy is too happy about the number of shoes the women in this house are going to purchase!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharing the cuteness

So Jillian has done a few things the past couple days that have either brought tears to my eyes with pride or from laughing hysterically (or trying not to.) I thought I would share...

1. I've been reading this little book to her all summer called "The Little Hen." It has pictures of animals in it and a little story about a chick looking for other chicks to play with. I like to add animal sounds to it because I've been trying to get her to learn animal sounds all summer to no avail. Well yesterday I was reading the book to her and I turned to the page with the cows on it and all of a sudden she pointed at the cows and said "moo moo moo." I was so excited, but I didn't want to get too excited in case it was a fluke. Then I turned to the next page with horses on it and she immediately pointed to the horses and said "neigh neigh neigh!" I seriously had to go back and forth between the pages several times testing her to make sure it was real! I was so excited that she's actually been listening to me all summer! Such a proud Mommy moment!

2. We've been trying timeout with Jillian lately for various reasons...biting (ugh!), throwing tantrums or not minding us when we tell her not to do something. Tonight she was playing in the fireplace (a place we tell her not to play in all the time even though there's nothing in there that could hurt her now, there will be in the future) and we went through the whole ordeal of telling her no and she continued to play in the fireplace. Frank went to move her away and she grabbed on to the grate in the fireplace and wouldn't let go. Frank said "Jillian, do you want to go to timeout?" She let go of the grate and nodded her head. So Frank said, "Ok, go to timeout." She walked over to the place on the wall that we sit her, backed up to it and sat down. Frank and I could barely contain our laughter! She sat there for a minute like always and got up and went to Frank like she's supposed to. Hilarious! Either this timeout thing is working for us or it's starting to backfire. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

15 months

On Saturday, July 3rd, Jillian turned 15 months! This is such a great age. She is learning so many things.
What is she up to?
  • She is still wearing all 12 month clothes.
  • She is still wearing size 3 diapers.
  • She wears size 3 shoes, but we think she's about to need size 4.
  • She has 10 teeth, 4 front top teeth and one molar on the top, and 4 front bottom teeth and one molar on the bottom.
  • She is eating very well for the most part. She has days that she will eat everything in sight and days that she just picks.
  • We got her on the bathroom scale and she's weighing about 20.5 lbs. Who knows how accurate that is, though!
  • She loves to play and read books. Daddy got her first real (not the stuffed one she's had since she was born) babydoll for her and she loves it! She pushes it in her stroller and kisses it and loves on it.

  • She loves ice and ice water. She will drink it non-stop if we let her (just like Mommy.)
  • She saying so many more things now that I don't even know where to begin. I think my favorite is "Blugh" with her tongue sticking out for blue or blueberries (her favorite food.) She will repeat a lot of the things we say and she sometimes surprises us with saying things like "thank you" when we haven't prompted it.
  • She learning her body parts and will point to ears, eyes, nose and mouth on her doll or someone else, but she won't do it on herself yet.
  • She loves to dance or "boogie, boogie" with me during the day. She thinks is so fun to spin around. Of course she does it so much that she gets dizzy and falls down, but it's still fun!

  • She's very good about telling us when she is ready to go to bed. She grabs one of her blankies and walks to the stairs and stands at the gate until we get there to pick her up and take her to bed.
  • She loves swimming and water. It doesn't matter if it's her tub, a big swimming pool or her little splash pool. We took her in a big swimming pool this past weekend and she wanted to take off swimming on her own like the big kids. I don't know why we were surprised, she's always been a little dare-devil.
  • She is still 100% a daddy's girl. She loves me, but if daddy is around wants to be with him and I could go away and she wouldn't care or notice. I was concerned that we would have problems this summer, with me staying home with her, but we've had a great time!
  • We have gotten rid of the noise machine that she slept with since she was born. I was planning on gradually getting rid of it, but the cd started acting up a couple weeks ago and stopped working all of a sudden. She's been without it ever since with no problem. In fact, we think she might actually sleep better!

It's amazing how fast she is growing and learning new things! I don't know where my little baby went, but I sure do miss her! No baby anymore, we have a BIG GIRL now!