Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharing the cuteness

So Jillian has done a few things the past couple days that have either brought tears to my eyes with pride or from laughing hysterically (or trying not to.) I thought I would share...

1. I've been reading this little book to her all summer called "The Little Hen." It has pictures of animals in it and a little story about a chick looking for other chicks to play with. I like to add animal sounds to it because I've been trying to get her to learn animal sounds all summer to no avail. Well yesterday I was reading the book to her and I turned to the page with the cows on it and all of a sudden she pointed at the cows and said "moo moo moo." I was so excited, but I didn't want to get too excited in case it was a fluke. Then I turned to the next page with horses on it and she immediately pointed to the horses and said "neigh neigh neigh!" I seriously had to go back and forth between the pages several times testing her to make sure it was real! I was so excited that she's actually been listening to me all summer! Such a proud Mommy moment!

2. We've been trying timeout with Jillian lately for various reasons...biting (ugh!), throwing tantrums or not minding us when we tell her not to do something. Tonight she was playing in the fireplace (a place we tell her not to play in all the time even though there's nothing in there that could hurt her now, there will be in the future) and we went through the whole ordeal of telling her no and she continued to play in the fireplace. Frank went to move her away and she grabbed on to the grate in the fireplace and wouldn't let go. Frank said "Jillian, do you want to go to timeout?" She let go of the grate and nodded her head. So Frank said, "Ok, go to timeout." She walked over to the place on the wall that we sit her, backed up to it and sat down. Frank and I could barely contain our laughter! She sat there for a minute like always and got up and went to Frank like she's supposed to. Hilarious! Either this timeout thing is working for us or it's starting to backfire. Guess we'll find out soon enough!


  1. She's so stinkin' cute. I want to see her in action because every single time she's around me, she's a perfect little princess! Ha ha ha, but I have one of those too!!! Thanks for coming over to play today!

  2. She went to time out on her OWN?! hilarious! Could she come over and teach Justin that trick???! SO CUTE!

  3. Too cute! Priceless moments. I wasn't even there and it makes me smile. ;-)

  4. that's hilarious!!! Brady puts himself in timeout often!!!!!

  5. Hilarious! Love the stories, and you'll be so glad to have them documented when she's older.