Thursday, March 18, 2010

11 months

Ok...I know I'm 2 weeks late with this, but better late than never! Jillian's birthday party is in 9 days and we are so excited! So what is she up to?
  • She is still cruising all over the place. We haven't seen any signs of walking yet and we were so sure she would be walking by her birthday. I guess we still have about 2 weeks. We'll see!
  • She eats just about anything we eat, but her favorites are anything bread and cheese. She has tried meatloaf and spaghetti and LOVED it! She still loves green beans (the real ones now,) yogurt, cheerios, mac and cheese, her "cheetos" (gerber lil' crunchers,) peaches, applesauce, and pears. She's gotten to be such a good eater. She has 4-6 ounce bottles a day (give or take an ounce or two.)
Enjoying a cupcake! Gotta get ready for all that cake at the birthday party!
  • Her vocabulary hasn't increased too much. She tries to copy anything we say, but her main form of communication is "uh, uh" when she wants something, and saying "uh oh" when she drops something on purpose. And I can't forget about the squealing when she's happy and screaming when she's mad.
  • She points at EVERYTHING!
Pointing at something on TV

  • Her hair is outrageously long! I put it up in her first ponytail this past weekend. It looked super cute, but it's really too fine to stay for only last 15 minutes. We'll just stick with keeping it half up for now. It has so much body, but not any real curl. I want to trim it, but no one will let me. Maybe I'll sneak it in one day.
So cute with her first ponytail!! Wish it would have lasted longer!
  • Her eyes are still blue!! They are more blue-gray, but definitely blue! I hope they don't darken too much more because they are so pretty!
  • I just took her to the doctor a couple days ago for a cold and she weighed 18lbs. 6.9 ozs. with all her clothes on. Can't wait to see what she will be in a couple weeks for her 1 year check-up.
  • She's still in 9 month clothes with no sign of them getting too small anytime soon.
  • She wears size 2-3 diapers, but she's about to move into 3's because we're almost out of 2-3's.
We love our little munchkin so much! Frank and I can't believe she has been in our lives for almost a year. This time last year I was on bedrest hoping and praying for her to decide to come into the world!! Here's a few more pictures of our little girl!

playing in a box with Daddy

playing with her FAVORITE toy!

Sticking her tongue out and yelling because she's mad that I wouldn't give her the ponytail holder on the table and she couldn't reach it! Such a personality...I have NO IDEA where she gets it....

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  1. that picture of the ponytail..yep, that's by far the cutest stinkin' little girl ever! Love it! She looks like a little grown-up and don't you DARE cut that hair...not even a trim!
    Happy EARLY First B-day Jillian!