Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We're back...sort of!

Ok...I know it's been a while since I posted anything on the blog, but I have REALLY good excuses.

1. Last week was TAKS week. Since I'm a testing coordinator, I was working very long hours and didn't feel up to blogging when I got home.
2. On TAKS day, Jillian decided to come down with a stomach virus. She hasn't been up to pictures lately.
3. Jillian learned to share and gave the virus to Frank on Thursday last week, and I came down with it today.
4. Jillian is teething BIG time, which makes for a not-so-happy camper.

Anyway...since I'm home from work due to #3 above, I thought I would at least post a few pictures to give everyone a Jillian fix. Just hanging out with Papa (this was taken on Valentine's weekend just to give you some understanding as to why she's in hear pajamas...although I see no problem with putting her in holiday pajamas well after the holiday if they still fit. She still wears some of her Christmas pajamas!)

My sister tried to make a barricade to keep Jillian away from the work she was doing on the couch. Little Miss decided she would do whatever it took to get to her Aunt KiKi....even if that included trying to climb on the coffee table! We have a climber on our hands! Whenever we are holding her on the couch she climbs her way up to the top. If we weren't there to stop her she'd topple over the back!

Stay tuned for the big 11 month post. Jillian also was 11 months on TAKS day!

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